World Energy Paramount - view from the sidewalk

Located in Paramount, California, in Southeast Los Angeles County, World Energy is one of North America's leading and most established suppliers of advanced biofuels. In 2018, World Energy purchased the Paramount refinery and has since embarked on a remarkable endeavor – completely transforming the refinery's facilities and capacity into a renewable fuels production center. This ambitious capital investment will enable the production of 25,000 barrels per day of renewable fuels, meeting the growing demand for low-carbon intensity fuels in the local market. These fuels will cater to commercial motor vehicles, such as trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as the aviation industry. World Energy Paramount proudly represents the first-ever conversion of a legacy petroleum refinery in the United States to a clean energy renewable biorefinery.


Project Name: World Energy Paramount

Client Name: Harder Mechanical

Address: Paramount, CA

Services:  Detailing, Spooling

Size: 66 acres

Property Owner: Fluor

Date: 4/1/22 - 5/19/23

Duration of Project: 14 Months


UWMC expansion project Frame@2x




The Challenge

One challenge was the lack of a reliable background model in steel, requiring ICON-BIM to manually draw it in at times. Some parts had incorrect geometry or takeoff, making it difficult to adhere to exact dimensions. The review process led to frequent changes and multiple redraws. Another issue was comparing our spools to imperfect ones produced overseas, leading to explanations of discrepancies. Additionally, there were changes in services from threaded to socket weld specification, requiring adjustments due to different takeoffs.


The Solution

ICON-BIM completed the project successfully without relying on a background model for steel. Instead, ICON manually drew in the steel based on the steel drawings, using Navis for measurements and inserting NCW into a Revit model as a coordination drawing. ICON resolved issues with incorrect fittings and spent extra time correcting old drawings for accurate pipe cut lengths. During the review process, ICON faced challenges with inexperienced reviewers mentioning missing items outside the project's scope. We patiently explained and clarified any misunderstandings. We convinced the appropriate individuals to review our drawings based on the model, eliminating unnecessary updates to the ISOs. Due to various factors, we had to redo several drawings multiple times when cut lengths were modified. Despite these challenges, we provided buildable deliverables for the project.



In conclusion, the end result of this project was the successful delivery of buildable deliverables despite the numerous obstacles encountered.