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We are Detailers from the Field, Detailing for the Field!

We are an extension of your team and follow your internal processes or we can share ours with you.


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Experience Matters: ICON-BIM Combines Field Expertise with Precision Detailing

At ICON-BIM, we believe that accurate detailing requires hands-on field experience. That's why we provide Plumbing, Mechanical Duct/Piping, Electrical, and Fire Protection Detailing services executed by tradespeople with in-depth construction knowledge. Our team excels in both Revit and AutoCAD Fabrication, with a focus on utilizing Revit and a Fabrication Database.

To further support our clients' fabrication and purchasing efforts, we incorporate cutting-edge tools such as Matterport, Evolve, UNIFI, MSuite, and BIMPro into our workflow.

Here are just some of the aspects our ICON Detailers meticulously focus on:

  • Equipment location for accessible maintenance
  • Pipe routing around the equipment's access zone it serves.
  • Swagelok fitting placement for scoping orbital welds
  • Valve heights and locations
  • Access panel location and alignment
  • Accessible field welds overhead and above the slab
  • Symmetrical hanger placement and pipe spacing
  • Stud Rail, King stud, and shearwall boundary element avoidance
  • Waste connection heights for fixtures
  • Fixture/Equipment submittals and cutsheets
  • NEC required clearances on control panels for equipment
  • Allowable spacing for install on duct runs parallel to critical walls
  • Control Joint, end wall, T section, and bond beam review for CMU pens
  • Manufacturer/code required clearances on venting/combustion air 
  • Energy code requirements for building envelope considerations
  • Proper spacing of outside air intake and exhaust
  • Pressure class requirements aligned with client-specific shop fabrication standards
  • Proper slab openings for Duct
  • Switchgear and electrical panel clearances



MEP Coordination: The Key to Cost Savings and Enhanced Efficiency

Why is MEP Coordination essential?

The answer lies in its potential to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

When executed effectively, MEP Coordination results in significant time and cost savings for both contractors and owners. At ICON-BIM, we have developed streamlined workflows to optimize the coordination process. By entrusting your MEP Coordination to ICON-BIM, you can be confident that an experienced tradesperson will accurately assign clashes to the relevant trade and promptly resolve non-issue clashes.

Choose ICON-BIM for a meticulous MEP Coordination process that delivers tangible benefits to your project, ensuring a smoother construction journey and optimized resource allocation.

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6 Way Valve ISO
Spooling: Ensuring a Perfect Fit for Pre-Fabrication

Why does spooling matter?

Pre-fabrication of spools is the key to reducing labor hours in the field, making it crucial for contractors to get it right.

Recognizing that the approach to building and installing spools varies for each project, we at ICON-BIM tailor our services to suit unique field conditions. We begin by asking our client's critical questions, such as the depth of the man lift, is on-site welding allowed or do we use Vic couplings for spool connections, what joint types are employed for ductwork, etc. These types of detailed inquiries ensure that our spooling services align perfectly with the project's needs.

Choose ICON-BIM for spooling services that adapt to your project's specific needs, backed by a team that understands the intricacies of the building trades and how to customize solutions for maximum efficiency.


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