Published: April 1, 2022

Selection Tree Basics in Navis


In this video we are going to cover the selection tree hierarchy in Navis. First navigate up to the ribbon at the top of the home page. Once there you will see the "Selection Tree" tab, click on this tab. Once you click on this tab a docable window will pop up.

The Hierarchy is determined by the CAD application it was created in. Here in this NWF we have two NWC files that were exported out from REVIT which you will see on the left of your screen. First you will see the level, when you click the level underneath it will display your categories. Under the categories you have your families and then if you click the families you will see type one more click and you will see an instance of that type.

Next lets go through and make some selections on the tree so you can get a better idea for how the hierarchy works. First you will see the file once you click on the whole file next you have your level. When you click on the level it will highlight in the drawing everything that is on the existing roof (which is the level we are currently looking at). Next your going to come down to the category and click, this will unselect the equipment, curbs, sleepers and it only has selected the duct work. When you go to the family type it will narrow it down even further to just the duct work which is in the drawing. You can then narrow it down even further to a specific instance of that duct family. 


By default there is 4 options in the drop down list located on the selection tree. We have been working in the Standard during this video which displays the default hierarchy and it includes all the instancing. There is a simplified version of the Standard option of viewing which pairs down what is visible. You still have access to property which displays everything by item properties. This makes it simple to search for an item by it's property. Lastly another item you will usually see in the drop down is sets but we'll save this for another video. 

Thank you so much for watching and we hope you will join us for our next video!

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