Detailers from the Field, Detailing for the Field

Accurate detailing requires hands-on field experience. ICON-BIM’s Detailers are tradespeople first and foremost. We incorporate real-world experience to optimize your entire BIM process from design to installation. ICON-BIM’s Detailers deliver clash-free/coordinated models that are constructible. Simply said, our prefab fits and matches the project specifications.


Data-Rich BIM Models

BIM models are a critical aspect of many complex projects. Particularly on Semiconductor projects where some clients will do flow analysis via the BIM model. Knowing how to incorporate the appropriate information into the model to meet the owner's needs is something ICON-BIM is capable of and has experience doing.

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Improve fabrication quality and accuracy by implementing your shop standards in the Revit environment.
Ensure the field receives all information necessary for their team to install their system efficiently.
Minimize cost, maintain the project schedule, and reduce installation errors by providing accurate constructible BIM models.

Compliant Detailing Models, Specific to your Needs.

Our BIM experts understand that adhering to specific fabrication and construction standards drives your ability to maintain the project schedule and budgetary requirements.

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ICON-BIM delivers code compliant systems according to the projects specifications, engineered design, and local code requirements.
Utilize Revits ability to collaborate in a cloud-based environment, at ICON-BIM we use Revit and generate 80,000 hours of experience annually in the platform.
We create BIM models up to LOD 500 to ensure accuracy, precision, and integrity depending on the projects specific requirements.

The Field Comes First

Our tradespeople understand your detailing and construction challenges. ICON-BIM delivers fully constructable deliverables to guide your team throughout the project lifecycle. We are your partner throughout, not just until deliverables are handed over. Connect the field directly with the Detailers who drew your project. ICON-BIM takes a collaborative approach that has proven success with the client.

Constructable BIM models incorporate a variety of information depending on the projects specific needs. Using real parts creates a model your team can install, pass inspection, and turnover to the client.
Our expertise covers a variety of tools including, but not limited to Revit, Revizto, Navisworks, Matterport, Evolve, Sysque, MSuite, and BIMPro.
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Integrated project delivery (IPD) process guarantees a simplified onsite installation and fabrication process.

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