Spooling Your Projects

Recognizing that the approach to building and installing spools varies for each project, we at ICON-BIM tailor our services to suit unique field conditions. We begin by asking our clients critical questions, such as depth of the man lift for maximum spool lengths, is onsite welding allowed, are spool connections done by vic-coupling, what joint types are being used for duct work, etc. These type of detailed questions ensure that our spooling services align with your project needs.


Spooling Specific to your Means and Methods

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ICON delivers spool drawings with bill of materials to optimize the fabrication and installation process.
We ensure spool maps are clear and concise to reduce questions from the field and that they follow your shop standards.
We are familiar with all third party add-ins to Revit that you may be running through your fab shop. Some of the more common add-ins are Sysque, Stratus, MSuite, and Evolve.
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Coordinated Clash-free Models

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We create spool sheets based on coordinated clash-free models for your team’s prefabrication efforts.
ICON-BIM’s approach to spooling applies our team’s field experience to increase design speed and accuracy.
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Cutting-edge Solutions

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We leverage our integrated project delivery process to ensure project shareholders work out design issues before construction begins.

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