Published: July 1, 2022

Top 6 Things to Look for From a Detailing and MEP Coordination Provider

When you’re choosing a company to provide you with Detailing and MEP coordination services for your project, you want to be sure you’re getting the best services available to you by choosing the right detailer. If you’re unsure of what to look for in your search for a detailing company, keep an eye out for these 6 features.

Good Reviews

This may seem obvious, but it’s extremely important to partner with a detailing company that can provide favorable testimonials from their past clients. Anyone can leave an online review which means that they can at times be misleading or unreliable. Be thoughtful when you examine a business’s reviews to determine if they’re someone you want to work with. Look to see if the language of the review indicates that it was left by someone who was a client. Ask for references to verify the client experience. 

Schedule Adherence

Look for a Detailing and MEP Coordination firm with a proven ability to meet or exceed deadlines. This can be information the detailing company provides you or it could be something you figure out based on their reviews. However you do it, ensure you partner with a firm that can adhere to your schedule.


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Staff Expertise

With technical, trade-based work like Detailing, experience matters a great deal. Aim to work with companies that have an experienced staff that has spent time in the field and amassed the know-how you need. A company that values expertise and experience will most likely advertise it on its website and will be seen in the quality of their deliverables.

Committed to Service Standards

Choose a firm that values service and is committed to cultivating a positive client experience. Check their website to see their company vision, mission statement, and guiding values to assess whether service is among their priorities. Ask them about how they handle change orders. Many companies provide a rock bottom price, but are just waiting for the client to ask for something not listed in the contract. Find a firm that includes all the deliverables needed for pre-fabrication.

Variety of Services

Look for a firm that is flexible and versatile. They will be able to offer a wider range of services to assist with more aspects of your projects and meet more of your needs. Firms that also offer MEP coordination and spooling services, for example, are excellent options. Be sure that you partner with a detailing company that can provide you with any level of detail, LOD 100-LOD 500, depending on your project's requirements. Flexibility is key.

Willing to Work

When you’re comparing detailers, look at who’s willing to work hard to win your business. A firm should put in the effort by providing free estimates with expedient turnaround times and offering you examples of deliverables so you can review their work products. The way your detailing company treats you during the sales process is a good indicator of how they’ll treat you as a client. If you have to wait a week for a quote, that’s not going to be a detailer that prioritizes your partnership.


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