Published: June 1, 2022

Viewpoints in Navis


In this video we are going to go over how to save a viewpoint, how to annotate a viewpoint, how to import/export a view point that can be used for collaboration during the coordination process. First go up to the ribbon under Viewpoint where you will see the camera, select Save Viewpoint. Then a window will popup showing you your saved snapshot of the scene. You can click in the window and rename your snapshot, now its saved in the model and you can reference back to it anytime you would like.

If you would like to add comments to a viewpoint, go to the ribbon up top and hover over Review. This will expose the Red Line pallet which you can use for markup or adding text. If you would like to add text click on the model where you would like to add text, type your text, add an arrow and there you go. If you have an item such as a sleeper that needs to move you can use the cloud tool to highlight the area plus add text and even an arrow to show where it needs to move.

You can also draw free hand by clicking on the draw button then using your left mouse button draw in what you need. You can do a line string if you would like straighter lines. Once you are done with all your markups it is time to save this Viewpoint. Go back up to the top ribbon click on the camera-Save Viewpoint. Now you have a snapshot of all the markups you made, and you can reference it whenever you would like.

“Level Viewpoints are views you should always have so you can easily access each level with the click of your mouse.”

Now to export a viewpoint go over to the saved viewpoint window on the left of your screen. Select all the viewpoints you wish to export, click your right mouse button, and select Export Viewpoints. Save this to your desktop or wherever you would like. Now you have a saved xml file of the views you have created which you can send to whomever you want to see it. 




To import the Viewpoints, go over to the saved views box, right click then click on Import Viewpoints. Select the xml file you need to import and now you have your viewpoints in the model. If you ever have a need to make an animation of the viewpoints for a presentation or meeting this can be done easily. Go over to the Viewpoint window right click and select add animation. Select the views you want to add to the animation and now you have an animation. You can activate the animation by clicking the animation and then clicking the play button in the upper ribbon. There is how you can make an animation of viewpoints in about a minute!

Thank you so much for watching and we hope you will join us for our next video!


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