333 Dexter - elevated view from across the street

333 Dexter is a dual-building, approximately 660,000 sqft Class A office complex featuring versatile spaces, expansive common areas and terraces, captivating art installations, and breathtaking vistas. Uniquely designed and ever-evolving, 333 Dexter offers customizable spaces within a community of exquisite architecture, innovative amenities, and unparalleled convenience.


Project Name: 333 Dexter

Client Name: McKinstry

Address: 333 Dexter Ave N Seattle, WA 98109

Services: Detailing, Spooling

Size: 640,00 sqft.

Superintendent: Gensler/Stantec

Date: 10/1/21 - 2/1/23

Duration of Project: 16 Months


333 Dexter




The Challenge

This project presented a unique challenge as it had been temporarily halted between phases and required a new construction team to resume ICON-BIM's portion of the work. From the beginning, we faced additional obstacles in aligning the model with the project's current state in the real world. Furthermore, this project was highly dynamic, with coordination often occurring out of sequence and an evolving schedule for deliverables, leaving very little time to adjust and produce the desired results. To add to the complexity, ICON's plumbing foreman retired during the project, necessitating the quick onboarding of a new field lead during the busiest period of the project's schedule.


The Solution

Maintaining constant communication with the field foreman and providing customized deliverables to the field was crucial in accurately capturing the project's progress. ICON took responsibility for managing the deliverable schedule, often surprising the client with timely submissions they may have overlooked. Going above and beyond our designated scope, we ensured the efficient and accurate dissemination of information to the field, which played a vital role in the success of this project.



The project was highly successful, as confirmed by direct client contact who provided glowing reviews of our work for them.