Avenue Bellevue - view from the street

Nestled in the heart of one of Northwest's most vibrant urban destinations, Avenue Bellevue stands as a remarkable mixed-use project. This extraordinary development encompasses two magnificent towers that offer a seamless fusion of luxurious condominiums, a world-class hotel, and an enticing array of retail options.

The West Tower offers 223 opulent condo units with stunning downtown skyline views. Adorned with the finest Italian materials, this tower exudes elegance and sophistication. Onsite amenities cater to every resident's desires.

The South Tower is a haven of exclusivity, with 91 lavish condo units and 278 elegant hotel rooms. Residents and guests have access to the impeccable services of the InterContinental Hotel, elevating their experience. The complex also features an enchanting outdoor plaza with retail outlets, fine dining, and extraordinary nightlife.


Project Name: Avenue Bellevue

Client Name: JTM Construction

Address: 814 102nd Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004

Services: MEP Coordination

Size: 1,280,000 sqft

Property Owner: Fortress Development

Date: 5/1/21 - 9/1/21

Duration of Project: 4 months






The Challenge

The client encountered difficulties in efficiently utilizing their existing software and ensuring that their trade subcontractor adhered to the BIM Schedule.


The Solution

ICON offered invaluable expertise and showcased successful tactics for enhancing MEP Coordination and overseeing subcontractors who face challenges in meeting tight deadlines.



The owner's representative has esteemed the invaluable insights and guidance provided by ICON.