Cambria Hotel Portland

In the heart of Portland's Old Port, the Cambria Hotel offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and vibrant city life. With its charming streets and serene piers overlooking the tranquil Fore River, guests can enjoy a captivating atmosphere and a range of luxurious amenities.



Project Name: Cambria Hotel Portland

Client Name: Deacon Construction

Address: 105 NW Park Ave Portland, OR 97209

Services: MEP Coordination

Size: 22,000 sqft

Property Owner: Choice Hotels International, Inc

Date: 9/1/22 - 4/1/23

Duration of Project: 7 months


Cambria Hotel Oregon




The Challenge

The project encountered challenges as certain trades struggled to meet the demands of the MEP Schedule.


The Solution

ICON provided valuable guidance to the client on strategies to engage all subcontractors in the seamless execution of the MEP Coordination process.



ICON successfully completed the MEP Coordination process for all floors assigned to them, ensuring that they were ready for construction to begin.