Premera Blue Cross Building 4 - view from parking lot

Building 4 is crucial to Premera's ongoing efforts to revitalize its campus. It encompasses creating vibrant green spaces, eco-friendly structures, sustainable wood materials, and a modern atmosphere. The campus enhancement project aims to provide employees with enriched spaces for dining, fitness, work, collaboration, and contemplation, fostering connections and revitalizing their spirits. Additionally, employees will be able to immerse themselves in outdoor areas that capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest. The landscaping will blend with the surrounding natural landscapes and integrate with the existing Interurban Trail that winds through the campus.


Project Name: Premera Blue Cross Building 4

Client Name: Hermanson Company

Address: 7005 220th Street SW Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Services: Detailing, Spooling

Size: 60,000 sqft

Property Owner/Property Manager/Superintendent: Premera Blue Cross

Date: 12/1/21 - 2/1/22

Duration of Project: 3 months






The Challenge

This project presented the typical obstacles faced by a hospital, such as the integration of multiple complex systems and the necessity to adhere to local building codes.


The Solution

ICON's team of skilled trade professionals played a vital role in successfully overcoming the numerous obstacles involved in the intricate detailing of a hospital. Their expertise and experience proved invaluable in navigating the complexities of the project, ensuring its smooth execution and ultimate success.



The project has concluded, with the hospital now bustling with activity and occupancy.