Solid Power 2 Process - aerial view

Solid Power unveiled its plans to expand its solid-state battery material production capacity in September 2021. The highly anticipated new facility, known as Solid Power Thornton or "SP2," will be strategically located as their second site in the thriving Denver area. 

Once fully operational, the state-of-the-art facility will boast an impressive capacity to produce 2,500 kg/month or a staggering 30 metric tons per year of electrolyte. This vital resource is crucial in the manufacturing process of the increased number of cells required for automotive qualification. Moreover, the facility will house cutting-edge R&D labs, a spacious cell testing facility, and provide an innovative workspace for their ever-growing workforce. 


Project Name: Solid Power 2 Process

Client Name: Murphy Company

Address: 14902 Grant St Thornton, CO 80023

Services: Detailing

Size: 75,000 sqft

Property Owner: Solid Power, Inc.

Date: 6/1/22 - 11/1/22

Duration of Project: 5 months


UWMC expansion project Frame@2x




The Challenge

A significant obstacle encountered during this project involved offering support to the client and design team in overcoming piping design complications and establishing specifications for a groundbreaking facility that had no precedent, despite lacking a complete design.


The Solution

Drawing on our wealth of hands-on experience, ICON tapped into our extensive field knowledge and collaborated closely with the design team to tackle the facility's hurdles, which encompassed space limitations, accessibility issues, adherence to code requirements, and the essential aspect of constructability.



Both Solid Power and Murphy were extremely pleased with the support we provided in successfully finishing this extraordinary project within the designated timeframe. ICON's comprehensive grasp of the design and constructability obstacles that needed to be conquered was highly appreciated and acknowledged.