Umatilla Datacenter - aerial view

To achieve net-zero carbon by 2040, Amazon is actively working towards powering its operations exclusively with renewable energy by 2025. To accomplish this, they have partnered with Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC), the electric cooperative that serves AWS in Umatilla and Morrow Counties in eastern Oregon. Together, they have devised an innovative solution to effectively and reliably power Amazon's regional data centers, solidifying their commitment to achieving 100% renewable energy by 2025. This remarkable accomplishment is embodied in the Umatilla Datacenter.

Project Name: Umatilla Datacenter

Client Name: McKinstry

Address: NDA

Services: Detailing, Spooling

Date: 1/1/22 - 8/1/22

Duration of Project: 7 months


Umatilla Datacenter




The Challenge

Initially, the intention was to create a replica of a previously completed data center project. However, as ICON delved deeper into the project, it was discovered that it held unexpected deviations from the original expectations.


The Solution

ICON-BIM conducted a thorough analysis of the drawings from the previous project to identify any variations. ICON meticulously pinpointed the changes and made the required adjustments in the model.



The project was successfully completed within the designated timeline and budget.