Josh got his start in the construction industry after looking for a more stable career when his first child was on the way. After a recommendation from a friend, he left his job as a bartender and joined the union as a plumber. Once he became a journeyman, he decided to make the move toward AutoCAD and BIM and never looked back. 

When it comes to design and modeling, it’s the ability to be creative and figure out new ways to make things work that drew Josh in. Watching the evolution of construction technology and being able to use and learn new software to solve problems keeps him motivated in his work. And when it comes to working with a team, staying positive and level-headed is his strategy for keeping everyone on task and working through whatever a job can throw at them.


How long have you been in the construction industry?

    • 15 years

Which union are you affiliated with?

    • Local Union 3 out of Colorado

What problem would you love to solve for the construction industry?

    • Having all the information needed to model a project right from day one. When we have all the details we need at the very start, modeling is faster, more efficient, and better supports the project.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

    • Agilent Pharmaceuticals in Denver. The complexity of this project and the specific requirements for the plumbing meant this project took 2 years to model. It was a great experience to learn these complex systems and work on a project of that scale and level of design. 

If you could live anywhere in America, where would it be?

    • Telluride, Colorado for its small mountain town feel and access to skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor pursuits.
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