Sean was drawn to the construction industry when a friend’s dad showed him his pipefitters pay stub around the dinner table one night. He was a young man deciding what to do with his life and then and there he decided to become a pipefitter. Since then, Sean has worked in many different roles within the industry including estimating, project managing, and teaching Autodesk and constructability. 

Having pride in his work, his team, and his industry keeps Sean motivated to continue to learn and grow in his profession. He enjoys sharing this knowledge with others in the industry through teaching and supporting newer members. He likes getting into the weeds with his team and leading by example. His philosophy is that he should always be training for his replacement and that if he supports his team right, they’ll become his bosses in no time. 


How long have you been in the construction industry?

    • Over 30 years

Which union are you affiliated with?

    • UA Local 525 out of Las Vegas, Nevada

What problem would you love to solve for the construction industry?

    • Having BIM teams start earlier and have more time with projects. When we’re a part of the planning from the start, everyone saves money and projects are more efficient. It’s a win for the end user and the tradespeople involved.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

    • Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas. It was a fun project to work on and being connected to such a strong sporting community and part of the history of the team was very exciting. 

If you could live anywhere in America, where would it be?

    • Seattle, Washington area. Having worked in Portland for a few years I really like the weather up there and would like to end up retiring in the northwest one day. 
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